Aunt Baby and Alvin Wesley

Aunt Baby and Alvin Wesley
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


In this busy life,
If only we understand,
What it truly means.
When someone listens,
Truly takes the time to care,
Above their own needs.
Loyal, true and kind,
A mother hen of a friend,
Is my perception.
The Pretenders:  I'll Stand By You
When I was young, I collected friends like charms on a bracelet.  Now when I look at my yearbooks, I'm fairly sure we won't be keeping in touch.
Today, the true friends I have are wonders in my world.  To me, with a friend, one can pick up a conversation as if no time has passed, with no judgments or excuses needed.
To have good friends, one needs to be one in return.  Whether to listen, support or defend, this is a role I take very seriously.
"She became for me an island of fun, light, wisdom, where I could run with my discoveries and torments and hopes at any time of day and find welcome."  (Mary Sarton)  


  1. Unfortunately, loyal, true and caring friendship are hard to find in this busy life. The few true friends, I have, are those who have followed me all through life, and because of them, I do feel so blessed and fortunate. Your "Friendship" poem is beautiful and meaningful. Maria, I'm so glad to see you're writing again here on your blog, and posting your wonderful poems.
    God Bless, my love and hugs,

  2. A wonderful post;I loved it Maria and look forward to many more. Thanks to Sannel for sharing too or I may have missed this gem.

  3. Beautifully expressed and oh, so true!

  4. Maria, you are the truest and most loyal and supportive friend I know, and that is why you are able to set the criteria for friends as you've done in here. Beautiful topic, beautifully presented :)

  5. Thank you, dear Sannel for sharing my are the kindest soul, you know?

    Eddy, How cool to see you...

    Peg, Your support is ever present and appreciated.

    Martie, I treasure your visits and your friendship...

  6. Thank you so much for putting my Hubs out here, Maria dahling. I love seeing them. I still can't figure out some of the features on Blogspot. Like why I am a dash instead of a picture as a follower here? Someday...

  7. Peg,

    On my end, you have graduated from a dash to a picture...I continue to be very confused by these features and I still have some blogs I want to add...I am taking all this " technological" very slowly...

    I love you whether you are a dash or a real will always be my Sista!

  8. Hi Maria,

    My mother always said that if you have true friends that you can count on one hand...meaning 5...then indeed you are fortunate. The true friends are far and few between as compared to acquaintances. Picking up on a conversation as if no time has passed is one true meaning of a good friend.