Aunt Baby and Alvin Wesley

Aunt Baby and Alvin Wesley
Reasons I Smile...

Friday, March 22, 2013


I am in this race,
Never thought I'd end up here,
I can see the end.
Like a cotton ball,
Getting strong as iron,
I amaze myself.
Never say never.
You can do it, if you try.
If I can, you can.
Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush:  Don't Give Up
In my younger days, my focus seemed more singular and driven.  I knew what I wanted on a personal and professional level and acted with confidence, whether I felt it or not.

Then life happened, not at all turning out as planned, due to circumstances that were beyond my control.

My will to rebound and survive has made me very determined and grateful. I don't give up easily on the people and things I care about. 

I firmly believe that we are all so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.  We rarely know our own strength until tested.
"Life is a succession of moments.  To live each one is to succeed."  (Corita Kent)


  1. "...acted with confidence, whether I felt it or not." Oh, those were the days! I wonder why it takes so long for most of us to become confident in spite of the success we achieve. But then, confidence is surely the easiest thing to lose. Whether we are willing to admit it or not, anyone can destroy our confidence in a second, as if it is only a piece of clothing we are wearing. So Corita Kent's quote emphasizes the fact that we live form moment to moment.

    Deep thoughts in here!

  2. Dear Martie,

    Your comment is insightful and wise...thank you for adding richness to my words with your understanding.

    Love, Maria