Aunt Baby and Alvin Wesley

Aunt Baby and Alvin Wesley
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Awe Inspired

Awe Inspired
Standing on the beach
Feeling insignificant
I am so tiny.
I know I matter.
Yet I look up at the sky,
I am but a speck.
I will do my best. 
Perfection is all around me,
 Even in the sand.
Depeche Mode:  Enjoy the Silence
I just lit a candle that is scented like the beach.  I am instantly calmer.  
As I am taking slow, deep breaths...the first I have in days, I am imagining that I am walking on a secluded sandy beach, barefoot, alone with my thoughts and feeling a connection with myself.
Life can seem to be such a race and I need to ask myself why?  I hear myself telling others to slow down and enjoy the ride, yet seem to have the hardest time of all following my own good counsel.
Perfection all around me
This perfection is not me...! That is perfectly OK...! It actually feels like a great sense of relief.
This perfection is all around for me to enjoy.  I need only to keep my eyes open and I will see countless examples in the beauty and majesty of nature.
"Don't try to be such a perfect girl, darling. Do the best you can without too much anxiety or strain."  (Jesse Barnard)


  1. Just discovered this one, too....

    Thought-provoking! I do find Nature perfect - in what is alive as well as what is dead. But I don't find the same perfectness in people. There are sleaziness in people (and in some animals), though some people, like you, MCJ, have more perfectness in them than others.

    Hugs from: MCJ (SA)

  2. Dear MCJ from SA,

    Your support means the world. Thanks for stopping by.

    Love, MCJ from PA